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Episode 244

November 22nd, 2023

Building Bridges with Basketball: Learnings about Facilitation with Tony McGarahan

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    From the basketball courts of Northern Ireland to the C-suites of tech giants, Tony McGarahan just can’t stop coaching!

    After a decade at Google, Tony set up his own training and people development company, People Playbook. Calling on experience from Sweden to Singapore, Tony’s honed his skills worldwide and with a huge range of groups.

    In that time, he’s found some common truths and universal experiences. He shares them in this episode — dribbling between basketball and facilitation, coaching and learning design, and more.

    Find out about

    • What Tony learned from a decade in Google’s People operations
    • Why he set out to create People Playbook at the onset of the pandemic and how he grew the business
    • How his qualification as a basketball coach has helped him grow as a facilitator and coach
    • What facilitators can learn about sustainable performance and why financial incentives are never enough
    • Why authenticity and humility are so important — for modelling to the group and as a principle of practice
    • How to facilitate in the margins to help a successful, effective group continue developing

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