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Episode 253

January 24th, 2024

Transforming Teams with the Science of Motivation with Ahmet Tamtekin

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    Motivation is a complex, elusive creature. We either have it, or we don’t, right?

    But what if I told you, there is a science to motivation, after all? And motivation mogul Ahmet Tamtekin has cracked its code! His passion project for coaching led him to discover his life’s purpose: motivation, how we experience it, how to read it as a language, and how to inspire it in others. He now uses the wonders of neuroscience to tap into our wildly differing motivators, to boost team performance and get the best out of people.

    In this episode, Ahmet brings his passion and charisma into every corner of our conversation, sharing curious new tricks, tools and avenues to explore in both our facilitation practice and everyday lives. I promise that episode 253 will be a real treat for your mind!

    Find out about

    • Where motivation fits within the practice of facilitation
    • Why a good facilitator can both read and feed the nuances of motivations in the room for the greatest impact
    • Personality tests can reveal how you naturally behave, while motivation uncovers why you behave that way, giving us the power to change our behaviours
    • Motivation can be an expression, or a language, that we speak to our loved ones – and sometimes, we must look beyond to understand their language

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