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Episode 267

May 1st, 2024

Elevating Corporate Gatherings with Empathy and Engagement Strategies with Lindsey Caplan

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    Gather around my podcast airwaves for a special hour of meaningful moments and messages, as Lindsey Caplan brings us into her world of gathering.

    A Hollywood screenwriter for Malcolm in the Middle, a Silicon Valley Organisational Psychologist and an educator for Dreamworks Animation, Lindsey is a miraculous mind with a showstopper of an oeuvre.

    Along the way, she’s gathered a collection of learnings in her back pocket from these three disciplines, teaching her the simple power of bringing people together over a purpose. Her company The Gathering Effect takes a fresh approach to organisational change, crafting strategies to meet in effective ways.

    Find out about

    • Lindsey’s definition of gathering and why it is a tool for change
    • Why we mustn’t over-index on tools without fully understanding how to use them; instead we must first focus on the effect
    • Why gatherings should be designed around one of four desired effects: compliance, entertainment, engagement and informing
    • The role that environment plays in gatherings
    • What we can learn about emotional connection, and therefore entertainment, from comedians and musicians
    • The causality of company culture in gatherings: its ability to influence and be influenced in how organisations meet

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