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Step 5

Book a Suitable Space for your Session


The Nutshell

Remember that a workshop is an experience you invite the participants to. Therefore, be mindful about what you want everyone to see and feel when they enter the space.

One space will be more suitable than another, depending on the workshop’s purpose and scope. If you have too many participants sharing a small space, you will run out of oxygen very fast and have no opportunity to break the group into smaller units.

You don’t necessarily need a “creative room” for every workshop.

Sometimes, a meeting room where you can rearrange tables and chairs does the job. But, if you choose to stay in a common meeting room, make sure that it doesn’t keep them in their usual thinking habits. Change a few things to surprise the participants as soon as they walk in.

A new setting will take them out of their routines and allow for more creativity and “out of the box” thinking. New ideas often arise in new environments.

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