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033 – How to hear the unsaid in the workshop space – with Oscar Trimboli


Part 1: Deep Listening

Part 2: Hearing the unsaid

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This is a double episode on deep listening. I speak and listen to Oscar Trimboli, the author of "Deep Listening & Breakthroughs", professional speaker, leadership coach and facilitator.

In part one of the show, we focus on the skill of "deep listening" and the difference to "active listening". Oscar explains what it takes to listen deeply and how we can train ourselves to master the art. Our conversation leads us to the question of how children listen and what deep listening and mindfulness have in common. 

In part two of the show, Oscar applies the topic of deep listening to facilitation. We explore what it means to listen deeply in a workshop context. Oscar elaborates how we can learn to hear the unsaid and how we can design for breakthroughs by giving the unsaid space to be addressed and expressed.   

Don't miss the part when Oscar shares golden advice to all leaders and what he says that will avoid participants to come late to any future meeting.

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Questions and Answers (Part II)


[2:12] How can we hear what is unsaid?

[9:28] To what extent do you really need to sense the unsaid, couldn't you just 'fake it'?

[11:10] What does it take to get participants to steak out what everyone thinks?

[13:55] What reactions do you get from leaders when you instruct them to always reply last?

[17:17] How do you facilitate the shift of energy before a breakthrough? 

[24:18] Would you divide them into smaller groups or leave the organisation up to them?

[27:23] Do you still draft the afternoon agenda of any workshop?

[32:32] What would be your advice to a team leader or manager to have better meetings? 

[39:50] What do you want the listener to take away from our conversation?


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