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Episode 063

June 3, 2020

063: Let’s Bring Some Appreciative Inquiry To Your Workshops! with Laure Cohen van Delft

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    When I first read about AI and facilitation, I was worried the robots were coming for my job… but then I spoke with Laure Cohen van Delft and realised AI is a most welcome addition to our profession!

    This is because AI, in this context, refers to Appreciative Inquiry – a framework and approach that facilitates purposeful change in organisations. The approach is centred on outcomes that grow in value (Appreciate) and a curious mindset (Inquiry).

    AI encompasses many facets of other facilitative approaches that are joined together by the belief that every living system has potential for growth.

    Laure’s explanation of AI is fascinating – a truly unique perspective – and every facilitator can learn something from her.

    Find out about

    • How Laure utilises LEGO Serious Play within her workshops
    • What Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is
    • How AI can be practiced in workshops
    • Why AI can be so effective
    • The outcomes made possible by designing a workshop around AI

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    Questions and Answers

    01:44 When did you first call yourself a facilitator?

    03:06 What does facilitation mean to you?

    06:08 What have you learned from LEGO Serious Play?

    09:55 How do you define Appreciative Inquiry (AI)?

    14:34 Is there a specific structure to AI?

    24:05 How do we put the principles of AI together in a workshop?

    38:08 What is your favourite question to ask in a workshop?

    42:06 What makes a workshop fail?

    48:10 What is one thing you want listeners to take away from this episode?

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