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Episode 065

June 17, 2020

065: Nimble Facilitation: How to stay on track while going off script with Rebecca Sutherns

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    A workshop that goes exactly to plan is a workshop that exists in our dreams.

    The unexpected isn’t something we should be afraid of – fantastic ideas and outcomes can come from the moments we don’t see coming (and can never plan for) – but being prepared to adjust to the whim of the room is a vital skill for effective facilitation.

    But what do we need to learn – and unlearn – if we want to become adaptive, Nimble Facilitators?

    Rebecca Sutherns is the author of Nimble: A Coaching Guide for Responsive Facilitation and she joins me in this episode of workshops work to share the secrets of holding onto our plans a little more loosely.

    Find out about

    • Why being Nimble is proving to be just as essential in virtual spaces as it is in on-site settings
    • What the sweet spot of preparation looks like and how to find yours
    • Why inner work is the foundation of growth, change, and progress
    • How to balance the needs and requirements of your client, your group, and yourself
    • How to strengthen your decision-making muscles

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    Questions and Answers

    01:11 When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

    05:43 What is the story behind Nimble Facilitation and why did you write this book?

    07:51 What is the core skill for Nimble Facilitation?

    13:55 How do you manage clients who require a lot of detail and structure?

    19:55 How do you close sessions to synchronise everyone’s takeaways?

    25:34 Have you found it is harder to be Nimble in virtual workshops?

    31:40 How will what we’ve learned from virtual workshops influence our future on-site workshops?

    41:02 What makes a workshop fail, and is the answer different for virtual workshops?

    47:14 What’s your favourite exercise?

    49:55 Is there anything you wanted to mention that we haven’t touched upon yet?

    55:36 What is the one thing you want listeners to take away from this show?