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Episode 093

December 30, 2020

093: Apply Design Thinking Principles to Unlock Potential with Jeroen Frumau

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    Jeroen Frumau has had a remarkable career – from working at the arrowhead of innovation in senior roles at Phillips Design to founding and cofounding multiple non-profits. The threads that stitch these experiences together are design thinking and design sprints.

    Jeroen joined me on the podcast to share the universal truths he’s found about the application of design thinking across private, public, and non-profit ventures – including this summer’s incredible 4better2morrow virtual summit.

    Join us in this episode as we weave our way through history, perspectives, philosophy, and more to uncover the truths of how everyone can benefit from more design thinking in their lives and work.

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    Questions & Answers

    01:41 When did you start calling yourself a facilitator?

    03:02 Where did you learn the skills of facilitation? 

    05:44 What does failure mean to you in the context of workshops? 

    08:21 What have you learned from your almost-20-years of experience leading Phillips Design?

    10:05 Is Design Thinking a method or a mindset?

    12:10 In what contexts have you used Design Thinking since starting your own business?

    15:21 What kind of skillsets do you need to introduce to public sector employees to help them integrate more design thinking in their work?

    16:29 How can we become more open to ‘failing forward’?

    17:37 How would you define a prototype?

    22:05 How can we help people see the value in the process, rather than just achieving their desired outcomes and outputs?

    30:15 How can facilitators help a group work cohesively when there are differences in the level of access (e.g. poor WiFi)?

    35:11 What’s the point at which you know you need to reschedule a workshop?

    40:07 How can you apply Design Thinking to such a risk-averse process as recruitment?

    45:18 How do hiring managers react to such a vulnerable process?

    46:36 How do you flatten the room when there is such a clearly established hierarchical structure as in recruitment?

    51:03 What’s your favourite exercise?

    55:57 An example of Design Thinking in the hiring process from Latin America

    57:47 How do you apply design sprints in 4better2morrow?

    01:07:20 What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from this episode?


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