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With over 2,500 weekly downloads, the workshops work podcast keeps inspiring facilitators of collaboration from all over the world.

Workshops’ magic ingredients

Each week, I introduce you to a new mentor who shares their magic ingredient to make workshop work. 
In our conversation, we share big ideas, explore complex questions, and get to the heart of what it means to facilitate collaboration.
Each week, I summarise the show on a 1-page summary that you can download for free. Sign-up to the newsletter to never miss one.
With almost 100 episodes, it becomes difficult to find the content you need. We designed this online podcast map for you to explore the content without feeling dizzy from scrolling. 
All episodes are categorised into one of eight major topics.

Podcast Map

This dynamic map allows you to discover all episodes, clustered by categories. Try it out by clicking the map.

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Don’t have time?

And, if you don’t have time to listen to all the conversations, the eBook could be for you! You will get the highlights of over 60 episodes at your fingertips - in one beautiful and printable design. Grab your copy now.